Bebe Foam Baby Bottle Cleanser

Beberiche Foam Cleanser is convenient to use and foam/bubble-rich allows to eliminate milk residue, grease, etc thoroughly and cleaner. This can be easily degraded in nature through high biodegradability. Safely used on bottles, dishes, baby toys, etc as is made of natural ingredients surfactants of natural rice oil and coconut oil. Citric acid and natural orange oil is added to strengthen antimicrobial activity and detergency and scent of freshness.

Features :

  • Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Moisturizing formulated from clamshell calcium
  • Made from natural ingredients surfactants made of rice oil and coconut oil
  • Food additives surfactant, non toxic
  • NO alcohol, pigment, fragrance
  • Standard in conformity(first-class)- verified by National Authorized Organization

Category: cleaning-item

Type: Cleaning Item

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