About Us - English

Agabang&Company was founded in 1979 as a company specialized in baby clothes and gears firstly in Korea. We produced and developed maternity and baby clothes, breastfeeding products, baby carriage and car seat, and pregnancy goods, and led its market. Our diverse products became lasting hallmark in the baby goods and had built the biggest domestic distribution network.

Not only the previous brands including Agabang, the representative brand in Korea, and DEARBABY, the brand with functionality and practicality, but also ETTOI which design works are done together with internationally acknowledged designers for the very first time in the industry, we are extending our brand power with experiences and its tradition in the market.

Agabang&Company will continuously focus on development of new products and securement of superiority, and make efforts to not only to grow domestically but also expand to the world with PUTTO, a new premium skin care brand and Destination Maternity, maternity clothes.